November 5, 2020
CCVS Attestation Change - Extension

The attestation change is scheduled to go live November 6,2020. The current attestation is being extended and will be accepted until December 1st.

Any new attestation received prior to November 5th will be entered into our system on November 6, 2020.

October 6, 2020
CCVS Attestation Change
The CCVS Advisory Committee has recommended a change to the policies and procedures regarding CCVS Attestations.  The Committee will be requesting that the physician include the primary practice information at the time the CCVS attestation is completed.  If the physician does not have a primary practice, he/she may simply state “none”.  If the physician does not list anything, the attestation will be incomplete.

This change is being instituted in order to assist CCVS in gathering the primary practice information and to improve the turnaround time for CCVS orders.

This change does not go into effect until 11/06/2020 and the new form cannot be used prior to this date!

July 10, 2019

The Arkansas State Medical Board’s Centralized Credentials Verification Service (CCVS) has received notification of survey completion and recertification in nine of the requested nine elements:


               Certification in Work History

               Certification in Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions

               Certification in Education and Training

               Certification in Verification of Licensure

               Certification in Medical Board Sanctions

               Certification in DEA

               Certification in Application and Attestation Process

               Certification in Board Certification

               Certification in Application and Attestation Content


Certification is considered current and in good standing for a period of two years and will expire on 9/24/2021. Additional information on status and NCQA can be found on their website at

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