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UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Due to information received from the DEA, CCVS will no longer provide DEA information. Entities requiring DEA information may collect the information as outlined in ACA 17-95-107(f)(1) which allows credentialing organizations to collect or inquire about any data not available from or through CCVS.

The link to the DEA website has been provided for your convenience.

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  • What is the purpose of the CCVS?
    • To eliminate the necessity of physicians providing the same standard credentialing information to each credentialing organization where they have, or expect to have, privileges. Example: Verification of medical education, postgraduate education, previous and current staff appointments and work history, copies of DEA or board certification.
  • Can my organization choose not to participate in the CCVS?
    • No, utilizing the CCVS is not an option; it is an Arkansas state law. ALL organizations credentialing physicians for Arkansas and ALL physicians licensed in Arkansas are mandated to comply.
  • Does use of the CCVS for credentialing information totally eliminate the need for physicians to complete applications?
    • No. Organizations are encouraged to review the questions and requirements on their applications toward reducing the length of those documents but there is some information the CCVS does not provide. Any information an organization must have to meet their bylaws can be asked on their application, provided that it does not duplicate what is provided by the CCVS.
  • Is there someone that can review our application packets to make sure we are complying with the state mandate?
    • Yes, you may fax initial credentialing or recredentialing application packets to (501) 603-3555, Attn: QA/QI with a note to please review for compliance. Please allow 2-3 days for this to be completed and returned to you. If you wish to email, the documents must be in Adobe PDF format and must be sent to SUPPORT@armedicalboard.org with “Attn: QA/QI” in the subject line so that it will be routed appropriately.
  • Are physicians mandated to provide information to the CCVS, or is this limited to organizations that credential physicians for Arkansas?
    • Physicians are also mandated by statute. Physician participation in the CCVS began on a voluntary basis but voluntary participation ended July 1999, when Act 1410 mandated physician participation.
  • How long does it take to get set up?
    • Please plan for it to take 2-3 days plus the time required for the bank or credit card company to verify your account information (some provide verification within one day, some may take up to 10 days).
  • Can a physician leave the space for the Credentialing Organization blank, or put “ANY ORGANIZATION,” to avoid having to sign a multitude of A and Rs?
    • No, the statute requires the organization be listed on the Authorization. This name field must exactly match the name used when your organization signed up, and cannot be abbreviated. If the organization changed its name there are options that can be utilized but the name on the account must be listed in that blank or the Authorization will not be accepted and the physician will have to sign another.